Diary of a Kenyan girl in India

How has India changed me?

In Jaipur with some snake charmers

  1. I now shake my head like an Indian
  2. I can have a conversation about food. Yes, an entire conversation about food and not feel weird
  3. I will never wear high heels again. Its pain, its torture, doesn’t work for me
  4. I do not think dirty jokes or male bashing is cool or fun
  5. I do not watch TV anymore- do sitcoms downloaded to my computer count? 🙂
  6. I can speak konju konju Tamil
  7.  I am less stressed
  8. I do my dreadz now, so they are always a mess. But no one knows it here. Thank God!
  9. I can live anywhere. My home is where my heart is.
  10. I now know what yoga  is,  and no its not body contortions
  11. I have learnt that Indians just like Kenyans have different tribes or kabilas which speak different languages and the ones found in Parklands are called Gujus coz they are from the state called Gujarat
  12. I am more daring and risk taking than I ever imagined
  13. I no longer listen to what people say, I just follow my heart
  14. I realise the value of family more
  15. I love Indian music
  16. I listen less to rap and hip hop
  17. I read more
  18. I eat more. Oh dear!
  19. I am amazed I have almost reached number 20!
  20. That’s enough narcissism for a day 🙂



Comments on: "How has India changed me?" (6)

  1. “I do my dreadz nw, they r always a mess bt no one here knows” hahaha u cn speak a little Tamil? *bows* mad respect! In short u r free! Free lyk a bird! Happy 4 u twin!

  2. Angela Kagume said:

    Thanks, its little Tamil but still its something new. And yes free as a bird 🙂

  3. I can live anywhere. My home is where my heart is;) that’s so you!!!

  4. I can identify with most of your list:-) India is truely stress free and its nice to know that India has more surnames than just Patel or Shah. Actually I haven’t met either since I got here.

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